Sunday, 25 July 2010

£1 Blush? Hmm....

So picture the scene; you're wandering through Primark, and amongst the sequined hairbands and plastic hoop earings, and you spot a seriously gorgeous blush... for a quid. You're gunna' get it, right?

It was initially the colour that drew me in, as as you can see from the pictures above, I'm sure you can understand why. In the pan, the blush looks like a strong coral pink, and it reminds me of the blush from the ELF 'bronze and blush' duo, but lighter, pinker and without the sparkles.

On the cheeks, however, it is so much prettier. The blush gives an extremely radiant, healthy pink glow, and it's super natural looking. It's pretty sheer so it suits my pale-ish skin perfectly, while remaining buildable, so it'd work for darker skintones too. There's no "name", but there was only a small selection of colours, and none similar - so you'd be able to identify it easily.

The quality, however, isn't so amazing. The blush is rather chalky, and very badly pressed. As you can see in the third picture above, a single swipe of the brush gives you loads of blush loose on the pan, and even a very light tap lives you with a pile of powder. Not only does this waste a lot of product, but is actually really irritating, and you have to keep blowing off the excess if you want even application.

If you are happy so spend a couple of extra minuite applying it, then this really is a great everyday blush. And hey, for that price, you can't really go wrong.